7IM partners with Door to strengthen regulatory and stewardship strategies

7IM today announces that it has partnered with Door, a company dedicated to improving due diligence processes, in a move that will assist the firm in optimising its investment research process as well as enhance its stewardship strategy.

7IM will be utilising Door’s technology to receive information and streamline, digitise and optimise its process for due diligence and research on its asset managers and their investment products.

The adoption of this technology will ensure the robust gathering of information, critical for managing risk and supporting research on important issues, such as governance and sustainability.

Uwe Ketelsen, Head of Portfolio Management at 7IM, commented: “Digital transformation is a high priority for 7IM, and we believe standardisation benefits all industry participants. We believe that Door can help the industry in this endeavour.

“Door is our preferred gateway to our due diligence teams, assisting asset managers in their support of our own research and risk management processes.”

Founded in 2002, 7IM’s ambition is to achieve steady returns over the long term, always with an eye on risk, and using up-to-the-minute technology.

It leverages evolving technologies and increasingly depends on using high-quality data and information management to support its regulatory response and wants to maintain the appropriate systems and controls to continue to improve operational resilience.

7IM also views its partnership with Door as a key step in its stewardship strategy, encouraging and supporting the asset management industry to provide complete and up-to-date qualitative information, and therefore helping investors conduct their analysis, and to provide timely updates where circumstances have changed.

Rob Sanders, Co-Founder of Door, added: “We are delighted that 7IM is joining its peers around the world to help transform the legacy due diligence process. Door is an industry utility that is helping both asset allocators and asset managers streamline the exchange of information.”

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