Brooks Macdonald Quarterly Announcement of Funds under Management: “Continuing positive net flows of £0.2 billion for the quarter”

Photo of Brooks Macdonald's Andrew Shepherd.

Brooks Macdonald Group plc (“Brooks Macdonald” or the “Group”) today publishes an update on Funds under Management (“FUM”) for its third quarter ended 31 March 2022.

Continued positive net flows of £0.2 billion were offset by weaker global markets, where pre-existing macroeconomic difficulties were exacerbated by the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine.  This led to a decrease of 3.9% in total FUM in the quarter, ending the period at £16.7 billion (31 December 2021: £17.3 billion).  This is 1.2% ahead of the Group total at the beginning of the financial year (30 June 2021: £16.5 billion).

  • Group net flows continued positive at £0.2 billion for the quarter, corresponding to annualised net flows of 4.1%, in line with guidance given at the interim results
  • Positive BPS and MPS flows contributed to net inflows of £0.2 billion or 1.7% for UKIM Discretionary.  MPS generated strong flows with Platform MPS and BMIS continuing to build momentum and delivering combined annualised net flows of 39% in the quarter
  • The overall pipeline remains healthy although, as previously guided, current market conditions are expected to affect near-term conversion times
  • Underlying business performance remains in line with our recent guidance, subject to further market movements.


Andrew Shepherd (pictured), CEO of Brooks Macdonald commented:

“This has been a solid quarter for Brooks Macdonald, despite the volatile market backdrop driven by the war in Ukraine, with continuing positive net flows providing further evidence of the success of our strategy.  As ever, this is primarily down to the commitment and high quality delivery of our people, who give me great confidence in the Group’s continued success.”

Analysis of fund flows by service over the period

Quarter to 31 March 2022 (£m)
 Opening FUM

1 Jan 22

Organic net new businessInvestment performance in the periodClosing FUM

31 Mar 22

Organic net new businessTotal mvmt
UKIM discretionary12,648211(639)12,2201.7%(3.4)%
Funds – DCF495(15)4484(3.0)%(2.2)%
Funds – Other1,604(20)(56)1,528(1.2)%(4.7)%
Funds total2,099(35)(52)2,012(1.7)%(4.1)%
UKIM total14,747176(691)14,2321.2%(3.5)%
Total investment performance(4.9)%
MSCI PIMFA Private Investor Balanced Index1(2.7)%


Nine months to 31 March 2022 (£m)
 Opening FUM

1 Jul 21

Organic net new business Q1Organic net new business Q2Organic net new business Q3Inv. perf.   in the periodClosing FUM

31 Mar 22

Total organic net new businessTotal mvmt
UKIM discretionary11,871168207211(237)12,2204.9%2.9%
Funds – DCF478(11)2(15)30484(5.0)%1.3%
Funds – Other1,598(15)(23)(20)(12)1,528(3.6)%(4.4)%
Funds total2,076(26)(21)(35)182,012(3.9)%(3.1)%
UKIM total13,947142186176(219)14,2323.5%2.0%
Total investment performance(1.9)%
MSCI PIMFA Private Investor Balanced Index11.2%

1Capital-only index.

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