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With UK inflation at a 40 year high and a hugely uncertain economic environment, investors are concerned not only how long this inflation will last but also looking for solutions to mitigate its worst effects through diversification within investment portfolios.

Historically, real estate has been viewed as one asset class which can offer some protection during periods of rising inflation.

Other asset classes in this bracket are certain types of bonds, gold, commodities and alternative investments.

In this webinar, we’ll be lifting the lid on investing in property to discover expert opinion on current opportunities in the sector such as:

  • What areas of the real estate universe are currently offering good inflation protection?
  • Is the high street making a comeback?
  • Logistic REITS have performed strongly, is this likely to continue?
  • What factors need to be considered when looking at the environmental impact of real estate of individual REITS?
  • What are the biggest challenges currently facing property investors?

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This webinar is for Financial Professionals only. CPD certifiable.

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