CFA UK recognises contribution to the investment profession by welcoming four new Fellows

CFA Society UK (CFA UK), the local society of investment professionals which works with members to build a better investment profession, today announces the appointment of four new Fellows.

  • Deb Clarke, ASIP, NED, EMEA board of Blackrock and member of the CFA UK Advisory Board
  • Matt Lonergan, CFA, former CFA UK Board member and Treasurer
  • Daniel Murray, CFA, former CFA UK Board chair and CEO of EFGAM Switzerland
  • Sacha Sadan, ASIP, Director of ESG, FCA

Open to CFA UK members and non-members alike, the accolade is awarded to people who are judged by the Society’s Fellowship Committee to have made an outstanding contribution to the profession or the aims and objectives of the Society.

Richard Dunbar, CFA< FSIP, Chair of the Fellowship Committee said: “We are delighted to welcome our four new Fellows. Fellowship allows us to build and cement bonds with thoughtful, experienced investment professionals who can provide the Society with guidance and feedback. The new Fellows will enhance the Fellowship’s demonstration of a level of common sense, intelligence, integrity, hard work and a commitment to the profession and to our clients.”

Adds Will Goodhart, Chief Executive of CFA UK: “We’re delighted to recognise individuals who have contributed to the development of the investment management profession. Deb has accomplished so much in her financial services career – having managed assets on behalf of clients, led large global teams of asset managers, been a client consultant and undertaken forward looking due diligence on investment strategies across the globe. Sacha has long been a leader in stewardship and governance – providing useful guidance to the society on each – and is now leading vital work at the FCA to embed ESG across the wide spectrum of regulatory activities. Daniel was a long-time volunteer and then chair during the three of the most challenging yet successful years in the society’s history and Matt set the bar for both the quality and depth of the contribution that a volunteer can make to the society. It’s an honour for us to welcome them all as Fellows.”

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