Columbia Threadneedle completes brand integration of BMO savings plans and investment trusts

Columbia Threadneedle Investments (Columbia Threadneedle) has today completed the rebrand of the majority of BMO-branded investment trusts and savings plans as part of the rebrand of BMO GAM (EMEA) to Columbia Threadneedle Investments.

The move forms part of the successful integration of the BMO Global Asset Management (EMEA) business, following its acquisition by Columbia Threadneedle’s parent company Ameriprise Financial, Inc. in November 2021.

From today, the BMO saving plans align to the new CT prefix and can be found on the new website: www.ctinvest.co.uk


Previous plan nameNew plan name
BMO Individual Savings Account (ISA)CT Individual Savings Account (ISA)
BMO Lifetime Individual Savings Account (LISA)CT Lifetime Savings Account (LISA)
BMO General Investment Account (GIA)CT General Investment Account (GIA)
BMO Junior Individual Savings Account (JISA)CT Junior Individual Savings Account (JISA)
BMO Junior Investment Account (JIA)CT Junior Investment Account (JIA)
BMO Child Trust Fund (CTF)CT Child Trust Fund

The rebranding has also provided the opportunity for Investment Trusts Boards to review their Trusts’ names, with some taking the opportunity to refresh their names to better reflect their investment objectives.

The renaming of the Trusts sees new stock market tickers being allocated as well as new website addresses for investors to find all the latest information. There are no changes to any investment processes or managers of the investment trusts. Full details on the name changes are as follows:


Previous investment trust nameNew investment trust nameOld tickerNew tickerNew Web Address
BMO Capital and Income Investment Trust PLCCT UK Capital and Income Investment Trust PLCBCICTUKctukcapitalandincome.com


BMO Managed Portfolio Trust PLCCT Global Managed Portfolio Trust PLCBMPI (Income shares)

BMPG (Growth shares)

CMPI (Income shares)

CMPG (Growth shares)


BMO Private Equity Trust PLCCT Private Equity Trust PLCBPETCTPEctprivateequitytrust.com
BMO UK High Income Trust PLCCT UK High Income Trust PLCBHI (Ordinary shares)


(B shares)

BHIU (Units)

CHI (Ordinary shares)


(B shares)

CHIU (Units)

BMO Real Estate Investments LtdCT Property Trust LtdBREICTPTctpropertytrust.co.uk
BMO Global Smaller Companies Trust PLCThe Global Smaller Companies Trust PLCBGSCGSCTglobalsmallercompanies.co.uk
BMO Commercial Property Trust LtdBalanced Commercial Property Trust LtdBCPTBCPTbalancedcommercialproperty.co.uk


There are no changes to F&C Investment Trust PLC, TR Property Investment Trust PLC and European Assets Trust PLC.

Marrack Tonkin, Head of Investment Trusts at Columbia Threadneedle, comments: “We’re pleased to announce the brand integration of our Savings Schemes and Investment Trusts into the Columbia Threadneedle Investments brand. These changes mark the next step in our long history of serving our retail customers, helping them save for their futures and unlocking the power of investing with a long-term mindset.

“Whilst there are no changes to any investment processes or managers of the investment trusts we manage, we firmly believe that the additional support and research provided through the expanded investment teams at Columbia Threadneedle will ensure we can provide even broader investment capabilities across asset classes, enabling us to continue to meet the needs of the Trusts shareholders.”

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