Growth Portfolio and Income Portfolio outperform benchmark in strong year for BMO

BMO Managed Portfolio Trust today announces its audited full year financial results for the year ending 31 May 2021.


Financial Highlights

Growth shares:

  • NAV total return per Growth share of 32.5% for the financial year, outperforming the FTSE All-Share Index total return (23.1%) by 9.4%
  • NAV total return compound annual growth rate of 8.2% since launch on 16 April 2008, compared with 5.8% from the FTSE All-Share Index

Income shares:

  • Dividend yield of 4.3% at 31 May 2021 compared to the yield on the FTSE All-Share Index of 2.8%. Annual dividend increased by 1.6% to 6.2p per Income share compared to the prior year
  • NAV total return per Income share of 29.0%, outperforming the FTSE All-Share Index total return (23.1%) by 5.9%


Portfolio Highlights

Growth shares:

  • The best performer was Henderson Opportunities Trust, rising 114% in the period
  • Artemis Alpha Trust, Fidelity Special Values and Henderson Smaller Companies Investment Trust also performed well, with respective share price gains of 71%, 69% and 69%, all of which benefited from the economy’s re-opening

Income shares

  • Private Equity was a leading contributor, with Princess Private Equity Holding and NB Private Equity Partners respectively achieving share price gains of 58% and 60%
  • Law Debenture Corporation and Lowland Investment Company saw share price rises of 61% and 58% respectively


Chairman Colin McGill commented: “Both Portfolios were heavily invested in investment companies that were either specialists in, or well exposed to, technology and healthcare; sectors which prospered, and performance was very strong as a result. I am pleased to report the excellent performance of both Portfolios during the period, both of which have outperformed their benchmark. It is particularly pleasing that we have also managed to increase the total annual dividend and also add to the revenue reserve at the same time.”

Peter Hewitt, Fund Manager commented: “Our focus in the next year will be the nature of the recovery from the pandemic and how robust and sustained it will be. As the economy reopens, our strategy has been to increase holdings in UK equity investment trusts which have exposure to UK companies with a domestic bias to their revenues and profits.

“In these uncertain times both Portfolios will remain holding only the highest quality investment companies with proven management who have had experience of a variety of different market conditions. These characteristics should serve shareholders well.”

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