Man Group’s Grew comments on UN IPCC report: ‘Incumbent on financial services industry to assume responsibility’

Following the publication of the UN’s IPCC report today, Robyn Grew, COO and Head of ESG at Man Group comments on the role of asset managers in addressing climate change and how they must manage climate risk for clients, employees, stakeholders and the environment. 

Robyn Grew, Man Group’s COO and Head of ESG: 

“The UN’s latest report emphasises the urgency to act against the impending crisis of climate change. Its conclusion represents an existential risk, including how we run our businesses, how asset managers will manage clients’ money and how we can contribute to society. It’s incumbent upon the financial services industry to assume greater responsibility and act as powerful drivers for much-needed climate action. Collaboration will be key as no one organisation can solve this alone. We must evaluate climate risk, engage with companies, vote for climate action and continue to decarbonise our portfolios. The sum of these actions sends an unequivocal message that we recognise the importance of managing climate risk for our clients, employees, stakeholders and the environment. Many have done so already, but we would encourage all asset managers to sign up to the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative as a first step.”

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