M&G launches equity impact fund to focus on better health and well-being


M&G Investments has launched an equity strategy that will invest in companies whose products or services are designed to promote better health and well-being, as well as seek to deliver attractive investment returns.

The M&G Better Health Solutions Fund, managed by Jasveet Brar, is a concentrated portfolio of around 30-35 holdings diversified around both better healthcare and better well-being, the latter through improvements in lifestyle, hygiene and safety.  M&G will annually report each company’s impact on health and well-being and revenue alignment with health related UN Sustainable Development Goals, a framework embraced by the Fund.

The Fund follows the same investment approach and process as M&G’s £480 million Positive Impact strategy1, managed by John William Olsen who will also deputise on the new Fund, and the recently launched M&G Climate Solutions strategy. Investible companies are assessed to be one of the following:

  • Pioneers – tend to be young companies whose innovative products / services could have a transformational effect on bettering global health
  • Enablers – are those that provide tools for other companies to deliver better health
  • Leaders – are those companies that have spear-headed sustainability in industries promoting better health.

Jasveet Brar, Fund Manager, says: “The global pandemic has not only put the strains on healthcare systems in both developed and developing economies into stark focus but it has also demonstrated the importance lifestyle and mental well-being can have in preventing ill health. There is a growing demand for health and well-being services worldwide and many companies are seeking to provide solutions, which will allow many of us to lead better and healthier lives. “

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