M&G plc renews commitment to good stewardship

M&G plc has announced that the Prudential Assurance Company, its asset owner, has for the second-year running been accepted as a signatory of the FRC’s UK Stewardship Code, the gold standard for stewardship in the industry, joining the asset manager M&G Investments which has become a signatory for the twelfth year running.

M&G have been recognised for their active stewardship, and the work they do to support their customers’ financial goals by considering how their investments affect – and are affected by – what’s happening in society and the environment.

To become a signatory to the UK Stewardship Code, organisations must demonstrate to the FRC how they have applied the Code’s Principles in the previous 12 months. M&G plc’s inclusion in both the asset manager and asset owner signatory lists signifies that their work has met the FRC’s high stewardship standards for those investing money on behalf of UK savers and pensioners, and those that support them.

Jack Daniels, Chief Investment Officer of M&G plc said: “We believe responsible and sustainable stewardship is material to the long-term performance of our customers’ and clients’ savings and investments. We’re pleased that the FRC has recognised our efforts to embed responsible allocation, management and oversight of capital into our investment processes, actively engaging with companies to maximise long term value for customers and clients.”

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