Net zero transition industries to boost UK jobs by a quarter of a million 

  • UK set to gain an additional 236,000 jobs by 2050 as a result of new and expanding low carbon industries

  • Job gains to be driven by growth in low carbon energy and electric vehicles

  • Rathbone Greenbank Investments publishes series of recommendations for the investment community to help ensure a just transition for all, leaving no region, community or workforce behind, or risk an incomplete strategy

The transition to a net zero carbon economy offers the prospect of bolstering UK jobs by nearly a quarter of a million, reveals new research commissioned by Rathbone Greenbank Investments. 

The new report, ‘Financing a Just Transition: Putting people and communities at the heart of sustainable investment’, assesses the potential for direct job losses as a result of the transition away from the production of greenhouse gases, as well as job gains in sectors that have the potential to expand as a result of the transition.

The findings show that by 2025, the job changes across these industries mean that the UK is projected to see a net change of an additional 15,900 jobs as a result of the shift to a net zero carbon economy, rising to 120,100 by 2030, and 236,000 by 2050.

In response, Greenbank has developed a series of recommendations for the investment community to act upon.

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