Premier Miton Balanced Multi Asset Fund to change to Premier Miton Diversified Sustainable Growth Fund

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Premier Miton Balanced Multi Asset Fund to be renamed to reflect sustainable investment approach.

Premier Miton Investors announces that with effect from 1 March 2022, the Premier Miton Balanced Multi Asset Fund will be renamed the Premier Miton Diversified Sustainable Growth Fund.

The change will align the fund name with the focus on investments with a strong ESG profile and those the investment team believe are part of long term sustainable growth themes, as described in the fund’s updated investment policy and investment strategy.

This fund, which launched in January 2018, has been part of the highly successful range of Diversified multi asset funds, managed by Neil Birrell since 1 March 2021, and has returned top decile returns since this date, returning 14.9% vs 9.4% from the IA Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares sector, and 10.4% from the FTSE 100 index. The fund is also top decile over 1 year and 3 years.

The range of six Diversified funds is managed by Neil Birrell, Premier Miton’s Chief Investment Officer, working with the company’s specialist investment teams, covering the different asset classes: fixed income, equities, property shares and alternative investments.  Investments across all asset classes and sectors are expected to benefit from sustainable growth themes, which could include health and well-being, financial inclusion and energy transition, amongst others.

The broad Diversified fund range has a very strong risk adjusted performance record. For example, the longest running Diversified fund, the Premier Miton Diversified Growth Fund, has achieved an 11.3% annualised total return versus 7.1% from the IA Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares sector, 5.5% from the FTSE All-Share Index with 61.4% of the volatility over the 5 year period ended 30.11.2021. The fund is top decile in the sector over 1, 3 and 5 years and since manager start date on 18 March 2013.

The portfolio of investments will be diversified globally across different asset classes. Within each asset class, investments will be further diversified and be assessed against relevant ESG criteria and sustainable growth themes. Companies that satisfy the investment criteria typically operate in faster growing sub-sectors of the economy that should be less affected by changing economic conditions.

Neil Birrell, manager of the Premier Miton Balanced Multi Asset Fund and Premier Miton’s Chief Investment Officer commented: 

“There is significant demand for sustainable funds from advisers and their clients and we are delighted to be able to offer Premier Miton’s first dedicated sustainable multi asset fund from March 2022. The Diversified funds have built a very strong long term risk-adjusted performance track record and, like all the Diversified funds, this fund will optimise the security selection skills of our specialist investment teams covering fixed income, equity, property shares and other assets including alternative investments.”

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