Square Mile Academy of funds report ratings round up for November

by Rebecca Tomes
  • Five new ratings, including three Responsible ratings
  • One rating upgraded
  • One fund reintroduced to the Academy of Funds


Analysts at Square Mile Investment Consulting and Research conducted 70 interviews with investment professionals from 29 asset management groups over the course of November 2021. Based on the intelligence gained at these meetings, the following actions have been taken.

New ratings 

Dimensional European Value fund awarded A Rating 

The Square Mile Research team has awarded an A rating to the Dimensional European Value fund. The Dimensional group has a 40-year history of diversified, systematic investing in a variety of style factors across global markets and this fund, launched in 2007, has delivered a positive track record through its exposure to value factors in European equities. The fund is likely to appeal to sophisticated long-term investors who desire a focussed exposure to European companies with bottom quartile valuations, while offering profitability at an opportunistic price. The fund itself is attractively priced and is widely available on platforms. (Decision as at 29.11.21)

Brown Advisory US Mid-Cap Growth fund awarded A Rating 

Square Mile has introduced the Brown Advisory US Mid-Cap Growth fund into the Academy of Funds with an A rating. The analysts believe this fund to be an attractive option for long-term investors seeking exposure to medium-sized companies within the US stock market, managed by a strong team with a long history of investing in US equities. Though this UCITS fund was launched in April 2017, it follows a strategy that was launched in February 2012. Ultimately, the analysts believe that the fund’s managers make good use of the firm’s investment team and have a well thought out approach of investing in quality growth companies, with a valuation discipline. (Decision as at 17.11.21)

Federated Hermes Impact Opportunities Equity fund awarded Responsible Positive Prospect 

Square Mile has awarded the Federated Hermes Impact Opportunities Equity fund a Responsible Positive Prospect rating. Its managers have built a concentrated portfolio of global companies that are focussed on providing solutions to the world’s problems. All potential holdings must be of suitable quality but must also be aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals by their business operations. Square Mile’s analysts have a favourable view of the fund’s approach and believe it to be suitable for investors wishing to invest responsibly with a positive impact on the environment and society. (Decision as at 05.11.21)

Pictet Global Environmental Opportunities fund awarded Responsible A Rating 

Square Mile’s analysts have awarded the Pictet Global Environmental Opportunities fund a Responsible A rating. The fund’s investment philosophy and process has been very clearly thought through resulting in an attractive proposition from both a financial and environmental perspective. The fund is large and Pictet has taken the sensible step of requiring any additional inflows to come through existing clients (inclusive of platforms) and to fall within pre-set limits. (Decision as at 05.11.21)

Schroder Global Energy Transition fund awarded Responsible Positive Prospect

Square Mile has introduced the Schroder Global Energy Transition fund into the Academy with a Responsible Positive Prospect rating. Launched in December 2020, Square Mile’s analysts see this as a promising, long-term proposition with a focus on finding and investing in companies that are actively involved in driving the clean energy transition, thus helping to reduce the rate of energy-related CO2 emissions. The fund is run by portfolio manager Mark Lacey, who is supported by a close-knit dedicated team as well as the wider resources of the firm. (Decision as at 04.11.21)

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