‘The power of ESG in investment portfolios’: Webinar rundown

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‘The power of ESG in investment portfolios’ is one of our best webinars to date, with interesting and exciting discussion on sustainability and investment.

Our recent webinar provided a forum for an engaging conversation about ESG and included several insightful speakers.

Julia Dreblow, sustainable and responsible investment specialist, was chair. As Director of SRI Services and founder of Fund EcoMarket, Julia is committed to furthering the cause of ESG; using the financial services as a force to tackle issues surrounding sustainability.

The webinar also included expert speakers: Dr Chris Mellor from Invesco, Maria Municchi from M&G Investments, and Max Middleton from Vala Capital.

Make sure you do not miss out on how financial services can help protect our planet through sustainable and responsible investment. Click here to watch.


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