Gelion enters battery development deal with Ionblox

by | Nov 21, 2023

(Sharecast News) – Battery technology specialist Gelion has entered into a joint development agreement (JDA) with Ionblox, a California-based next-generation battery technology company, it announced on Tuesday.
The AIM-traded firm said Ionblox was known for its transformative contributions to the mobility sector on both land and air.

It said the primary objective of the collaboration was to pioneer the development of lithium silicon sulfur (LiSiS) cells that are safe and possess high-energy density and cost-efficiency.

The LiSiS cells would be intended to cater to the global electric vehicle (EV), electrical vertical-takeoff-and-landing (eVTOL) and drone markets, with prospects for the stationary energy storage market.

Gelion said the partnership with Ionblox was fuelled by growing demand for advanced battery technologies in the EV and eVTOL industries, driven by the transition to net-zero emissions.

The International Energy Agency’s projection of around 300 million EVs being required by 2030, compared to the 10 million in 2022, underscored the urgency for innovation in the sector, Gelion pointed out.

Additionally, it added that battery-powered eVTOLs, drones and stationary energy storage solutions were poised to play a pivotal role in supporting the renewable energy revolution.

Both Gelion and Ionblox would leverage their respective technology expertise, patent portfolios, and research and development facilities in Australia and the US to drive the development of next-generation LiSiS cells.

Gelion said its focus would be optimising the sulfur cathode, integrating the newly acquired assets, and leveraging the intellectual property portfolio.

Meanwhile, Ionblox would contribute its proven high-energy density pre-lithiated silicon oxide anode and adapt it for compatibility with Gelion’s sulfur cathode.

Together, they would develop and optimise a proprietary electrolyte to meet the stringent cycle life requirements of EV and electric aviation applications.

Upon successful development, Gelion and Ionblox intended to finalise commercial arrangements and introduce the LiSiS cells to the global market.

“The JDA with Ionblox continues to build momentum for Gelion’s sulfur technologies,” said chief executive officer John Wood.

“Ionblox is an extraordinary battery technology company, and we are very excited to be working with Sujeet and his team, who are achieving exceptional energy densities and coulombic efficiencies with their pre-lithiated SiOx anode batteries.

“Combining these energy densities and efficiencies with those being achieved in our cathode materials by implementing a solid-to-solid sulfur, quasi-solid-state approach, we anticipate achieving a breakthrough cell outcome together.

“Our goal is low cost, high safety, exceptional energy density, and high cycle life aiming toward electrifying all mobility, while using materials such as sulfur with abundance to meet the demand to support the planet’s clean energy needs.”

At 1256 GMT, shares in Gelion were up 1.59% at 24.89p.

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