Sunday Podcast: Matthew Jellicoe Co-founder of OnePlanetCapital

In the first episode of Wealth DFM’s Sunday podcast series, Matthew Jellicoe discusses starting a new fund during a global pandemic.

Jellicoe also discussed the challenges of starting a new fund generally, how OnePlanetCapital came to be, and immense potential in the UK’s ESG start-up space.



OnePlanetCapital is a new sustainably driven investment house, and has recently launched a specialist sustainability EIS Fund to invest in businesses tackling climate change.

OnePlanetCapital was founded in 2019 by entrepreneurs Matthew Jellicoe and Ed Stevens, together with Tony Flanagan of Wilton Group – a leading international regulated financial services advisory.

The team have a strong track record in investing across both EIS companies and Series A to Series C raises in sectors such as green technology, technology, fintech and broader B2C businesses.


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