Door Partners with Stonehage Fleming to Streamline Information Exchange for Due Diligence and Consumer Duty Reporting

by | May 13, 2024

Stonehage Fleming Global Equity Management (SFGEM) has selected Door, the leading global platform for fund information exchange, for its due diligence and Consumer Duty needs.  

By partnering with Door, SFGEM, whose flagship strategy is the £2bn Stonehage Fleming Global Best Ideas Equity Fund, will be able to provide firm and product information seamlessly to clients, as well as proactively engage with prospects to accelerate its sales cycles.  

Door’s Consumer Duty solution allows SFGEM to gather the UK industry standard Distributor Feedback Template (DFT) from all of its clients. Door’s technology will support subsequent reporting and analysis – and will track changes and raise flags within the data. Distributors will be able to upload and scale responses via Door’s platform, providing efficiencies for all participants of the 360-feedback loop. 

Steven Brown, Director of Business Development at Stonehage Fleming said: “We are delighted to be signed up with Door for more efficient client engagement, particularly for our Global Best Ideas Equity Fund as it continues to attract significant interest from investors. We understand the importance of the Consumer Duty obligations and using Door will help us centralise our process. We can provide our responses to the Door Consumer Duty Questionnaire as well as standardised product information that clients can access via the system.”  

Rob Sanders, Door CEO said: “We are pleased to see Stonehage Fleming join our platform and be part of the larger network of information exchange. As well as our core DDQ offering, we have been working hard on a single, industry-wide technology solution to help both asset managers and distributors simplify Consumer Duty information gathering and reporting. It is great to see Stonehage Fleming adopt our platform to help solve this challenge.” 

Door continues to expand its reach and empower leading firms like SFGEM, fostering a more compliant future for fund information exchange. Door is committed to supporting asset managers in their due diligence and Consumer Duty requirements. 

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