Jupiter: “No place for unlisted assets”

by | Feb 8, 2023

Following Jupiter’s decision to no longer invest in unlisted stocks for open-ended funds, Sheridan Admans, head of fund selection at TILLIT, sees it as a positive move.  

He said: “Jupiter’s decision to sell its stake in Starling and to no longer buy unlisted assets for its open-ended funds is a positive move for investors – although it has been far too long coming. Investors have been left in the dark worrying if their money is at risk of going the same way as it did for investors in Woodford.

“There is no place for unquoted stocks in an open-ended fund. Investing in private and unlisted illiquid assets is best left in the hands of the experts in a specific closed-ended fund, like Pantheon International – one of the most experienced private equity investment trusts on the market.”

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