Longevity Partners doubles turnover for 7th consecutive year

by | Feb 9, 2022

ESG consultancy Longevity Partners, has today reported a doubling of annual turnover for the seventh consecutive year following 12 months of global expansion, including the opening of five new offices in Munich, Milan, Austin, San Francisco, and New York City.

During 2021, Longevity Partners increased turnover to £6.5m (2020: £3.1m), with £3.6m (2020: £2.4m) of this from the consultancy’s UK operations. The growth follows increased client demand from business like CBRE IM, DWS, Axa, BlackRock, and Credit Suisse for Longevity Partners’ end to end real estate sustainability consultancy services which range from ESG strategy and climate risk analysis through to sustainable design, regulatory risk management, and net zero carbon strategic advice.

The consultancy has responded to the rapid growth in demand for ESG services with a threefold increase in its global team, including the appointment of nearly 100 new experts in the last 12 months, to support clients with projects in over 40 countries.

The full service ESG consultancy credits its rapid growth to a bold approach to global expansion in the face of the increased awareness of climate risk across the sector. The business prioritises the expansion of diversity in its talent pool to support expansion in geography, and services. Without requiring additional capital, Longevity Partners is aiming to continue this expansion rate in 2022, with plans to grow the global workforce to over 200 employees over the next 12 months.

Etienne Cadestin, Founder and Global CEO of Longevity Partners, says: “During the past twelve months, the corporate world has transformed the way it addresses ESG and responsible investment to tackle climate change. Rapid, systemic and colossal mitigation and adaptation is needed and now is the time to act.

“The entire property industry has awakened and leaders now understand the cost of inaction. They have a collective responsibility to ensure we meet the climate goals and secure a much more resilient society for future generations, and Longevity allows them to do that.

“As a talent-focused company, we know that recruitment is key to maintaining our growth trajectory and quality. This is why we’ve invested in new offices around the world and supported our teams with world-leading continuous training. We have also developed very tight partnerships with some of the world’s leading universities to welcome a selection of graduates. In January we promoted 24 colleagues to reflect the growing technical capabilities and expertise we have in the business. Over the coming year we’re looking forward to increasing our technical expertise, sharing our knowledge and expertise with new clients to deliver the climate goals and shape the future of real estate while ensuring robust returns.

“In just over 6 years, we have become the fastest growing ESG advisory business in the world, and to respond to client demand, we’re preparing to double again for the 8th consecutive year in 2022.”

This year, Longevity Partners will launch a new office in Tokyo, while also expanding its services in Green Finance, Infrastructure, and Climate Risk, through the launch of dedicated service lines. The expansion of the Longevity Partners headcount will continue, with plans for seventy new experts to join the team over the same period. As the industry works to meet net zero targets and policies mandated by individual governments, Longevity Partners is working toward a scheme with several industry leaders which will act as a new standard to strive toward, bolstering the company’s efforts to help the world’s businesses transition to a low carbon economy.

Longevity Partners provides full-service consultancy to future-proof property investment portfolios from carbon foot-printing to climate risk, ESG strategy development and implementation and works alongside real estate owners to position their assets to meet tomorrow’s needs.

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