Mediolanum International Funds Ltd. launches three new funds

by | Jun 14, 2023

Mediolanum International Funds Ltd. (MIFL), the European asset management platform of Mediolanum Banking Group, has announced the launch of three new actively managed multi manager funds, adding to its ever-growing product range.

The new funds include the Mediolanum Best Brands Future Sustainable Nutrition, an art. 9 fund, the Mediolanum Best Brands Global Equity Styles Selection, and the Mediolanum Best Brands India Opportunities. 

Mediolanum Best Brands Future Sustainable Nutrition, an art. 9 fund

Growing Population is impacting agriculture resources consumption and food production as never before and for this reason it has become a critical priority worldwide. Companies are working on new ways to produce more, better and healthier food with lower environmental impact by leveraging on new innovative technologies allowing more efficient use of resources. These new technologies and ways of producing have been in experimentation for a number of years, but now they have become a successful reality attracting huge investments, which will continue in coming years creating new market leaders. 

Mediolanum Best Brands Future Sustainable Nutrition is an equity fund that seeks to generate long term capital growth investing in companies, which will be instrumental to the transition to a more sustainable nutrition value chain starting from production moving to transformation and ending with distribution and consumption. 

The fund is managed with a multi manager approach, and the first two managers were selected for their extensive track record in managing similar strategies with a strong ESG investment process: Pictet and Blackrock. Pictet will be investing in companies that produce high quality food, deliver it efficiently, and minimize wasting; while BlackRock will focus on companies active in decarbonising the food chain, also providing more sustainable and healthier eating choices.

Mediolanum Best Brands Global Equity Style Selection

In the last number of years investment style has become critical for investing successfully in equities proving that diversification remains critical. For this reason, MIFL has developed an innovative multi manager solution for the retail investors with a specific focus on the three main investment styles, with the aim to generate capital appreciation in the long term. Different phases of the economic cycle tend to favour different types of companies, which result in different investment styles. 

Mediolanum Best Brands Global Equity Styles Selection is a global equity fund that provides an equal exposure to Growth, Quality and Value styles by investing in high conviction strategies representing only the best ideas of the most specialised asset managers. These managers have different and complementary investment processes and have been selected for their strong track record proven by a consistent over performance over the long-term: Artisan Partners and Axiom Investors for the growth portion of the Fund, Pzena and Sanders Capital for the value part, and finally Guardcap and Pinestone for the quality one.

Mediolanum Best Brands India Opportunities

India is now the most populated nation in the world with over 1.4 billion inhabitants, surpassing China with a fast-growing economy providing a long-term investment opportunity that is now too big to be ignored.

Mediolanum Best Brands India Opportunities is a geographic specific equity fund, that seeks to generate long term capital appreciation by investing in now the fastest growing economy in the world benefitting to its demographic and macroeconomic trends attracting investments from all around the world. The portfolio is built to provide exposure to all market caps, including mid- and small companies which will become the next long-term winners of a growing internal economy. 

The fund is managed with a multi manager approach and the first managers selected for their long track record and experience investing in India are Goldman Sachs, Nordea and 360 ONE. Goldman Sachs provides exposure to all the market capitalisation spectrum, including also smaller businesses. Nordea’s strategy invests in undervalued stocks, and 360 ONE has a flexible approach investing in more cyclical and defensive stocks.

Luca Matassino, Chief Business Officer at MIFL, commented: “We strongly believe that economic growth equates to growth of wealth and these three new launches expand further our product range providing access to different economies, sectors or investment themes offering great long-term opportunities for our clients.

Future Sustainable Nutrition is an art. 9 fund, which confirms Mediolanum commitment to sustainability, focusing on those companies that will benefit from the massive investments in this area in the next 10, 20 and 30 years.

Global Equity Styles Selection is a core fund, tailored to generate value for the investors leveraging only on the best ideas of the most and strongest specialised Growth, Quality, Value managers.

Finally, India Opportunities offers access to a market that is now too big to be ignored because not only is it the most populated country in the world, but soon will become one of the top economies in the world thanks to its young population, massive direct foreign investments and internal growth.”

The Mediolanum Best Brand Future Sustainable Nutrition is managed by Senan O’Sullivan, MIFL equity portfolio manager specialised in Art. 8 and 9 funds.

The Mediolanum Best Brands Global Equity Styles Fund is managed directly by Giorgio Carlino, newly appointed as head of Multi-Management at MIFL this year.

The Mediolanum Best Brands India Opportunities is managed by Patrick McKenna, MIFL equity portfolio manager specialized in the Asia Pacific and Emerging Markets.

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