Our most popular webinar to date: ‘Has high inflation been a game changer for multi-asset?’ Access the full conversation NOW

by | Sep 19, 2023

Wealth DFM’s latest Webinar, ‘Has high inflation been a game changer for multi-asset’ has certainly been a hit with our readers and viewers – in fact it’s been our most popular webinar ever!

Our thanks go to everyone who tuned in, we hope you found it interesting and useful. But, if you missed it, we’ve got good news. You can now access the recording and listen in to the multi-asset conversation whenever you like.

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Two managers, two viewpoints

With hundreds of viewers, the webinar, which took place this morning, Tuesday 19th September, was expertly chaired by the highly engaging and JB Beckett – an ex fund selector and asset allocator. JB was joined by our panellists who were Andrzej Pioch, Fund Manager at Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) and also by Neil Birrell, Chief Investment Officer at Premier Miton.

What was the conversation about?

We are incredibly grateful to JB and also to our two great panellists, both of whom are not only hugely knowledgeable in their field – but great communicators too. Whether it’s about what’s going on in markets, in the global economy, in regard to changing obligations under the new Consumer Duty, managing risk, dealing with diversification/asset allocation headaches, correlations between equities and bonds , use of investment trusts, private assets or a plethora of other topics which JB so expertly put to them, they were willing to share their insight in such a candid way – and all in a thoroughly engaging conversation using terminology that everyone could understand.

Full three sixty insight – catch up with the conversation NOW

If you want to gain a full three sixty view of what really going on out there in the markets and how it might be impacting invcstment portfolios, this is the conversation to check out. You’ll find genuine insight from Neil and Andrzej into today’s market conditions and what might be coming down the line for multi-asset – as well as investments more broadly. It’s not one to miss – as evidenced by all the great listener questions which came flooding it at the end.

Access the recording here

As is the case with all Wealth DFM publications and events, this webinar is for Financial Professionals only. CPD certifiable for 1.5 hours of CPD.

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