Podcast #56: Tales of the Unexpected – Global market analysis with a difference, with Bill Blain

by | Sep 13, 2023

What’s really going on in today’s global markets?  On today’s IFA Talk, Sue and Brandon wanted to get to the bottom of some of the main things which might be on advisers’ minds just now.  

Refreshingly, you can forget technospeak and market jargon, today’s guest is Bill Blain, Strategist at Shard Capital, which guarantees an honest and properly down to earth assessment of what’s going on.  

Bill is getting quite famous now for his daily blog – snappily called ‘Morning Porridge’  It’s always a great read – very lively and insightful. You might have also heard him sharing his insight on the BBC’s Today Programme and Wake up to Money, giving his honest appraisal of markets. 

As you’ll hear in this conversation, Bill does not hold back as he tells it like it is and in a language that everyone can understand. Expect the unexpected! 

Listen to the conversation here…

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