Podcast #79: Is it time to rethink property funds? With Gravis’ Matthew Norris

by | May 8, 2024

Property funds have certainly had more than their fair share of bad press over the years, like most asset classes. But with so much uncertainty and volatility in markets these days and the need for portfolio diversification, we thought it was time to look again at property as an asset class – because it has changed. 

Our guest on today’s IFA Talk podcast certainly knows a thing or two about property investment and he’s got some interesting views on this subject. 

Matthew Norris is Head of Real Estate Securities and adviser to the VT Gravis Digital Infrastructure Income and VT Gravis UK Listed Property strategies at Gravis. In this conversation with Sue and Brandon, Matthew drills down into exactly how it’s changed, into why it’s no longer about offices and shopping centres. As he explains, it’s now all about next generation property, about REITs and how the fourth industrial revolution is changing the way we work, live and play. 

It’s an interesting conversation and one we think might just get you rethinking the way you might previously have thought about property – enough that hopefully you’ll take a look. After all, it really is an excellent diversification tool to have at your disposal.   

Check out the conversation HERE…

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