CFA Institute launches new Private Equity Certificate

by | May 22, 2024

CFA Institute has today launched a new Private Equity Certificate. Underpinned by globally recognised CFA Program content, the new Private Equity Certificate is tailored to private equity professionals with one to three years of experience.

The certificate seeks to equip professionals within private equity partnerships, as well as those aspiring to such roles, with the skills needed to analyse private equity investments, assess deals, and leverage value-creation strategies. The Private Equity Certificate meets the learning needs of interns, analysts, and associates at private equity firms or investment banks and individuals currently pursuing relevant degrees. 

In addition, the Private Equity Certificate caters to the needs of small to mid-sized PE firms seeking access to recognised, high-quality training content to facilitate seamless onboarding of new employees and improve retention. 

The CFA says that by offering targeted education and practical skills development focused on gaining job-ready skills, the certificate aims to equip participants with the expertise and knowledge necessary to thrive in the competitive landscape of private equity. The certificate is a self-paced, intermediate-level certificate. Comprised of five courses, it is focused on the practical skills, notably modelling, and outcomes expected of an analyst or associate in a private equity firm. Students will complete a 60-question final assessment.  

The five courses are:

Course 1: Private Markets Essentials 

Course 2: Private Equity 

Course 3: Private Debt for Private Equity Practitioners 

Course 4: Intermediate Financial Modeling 

Course 5: General Partner Perspectives 

The Certificate will offer students an opportunity to interact directly with a financial modelling trainer in an open forum. The subject-matter expert trainers can provide help, offer clarification, guidance, and feedback on any specific areas of concern related to the financial modelling certificate content. Monthly one-hour live sessions will begin in September and will be available to suit different time zones.  

Richard Fernand, Head of Certificate Management at CFA Institute, comments:  

“As the investment landscape continues to evolve, we remain committed to meeting the dynamic needs of the investment profession and client demands. Research interviews conducted prior to the development of the Private Equity Certificate highlighted the need for private equity content that incorporates financial modelling. The new certificate compliments the foundational level Private Markets and Alternatives Certificate launched by CFA Institute last year and offers both learning and practical content, empowering candidates with increased confidence and enhanced credibility within their organisations. 

“Alongside the existing Private Markets and Alternative Investments Certificate, and the recent launch of the CFA Program LIII Private Markets Pathway, this new certificate underscores the commitment by CFA Institute to providing high-quality educational content in the alternatives space.  

“We believe that by equipping candidates with the skills, tools, and techniques demanded by the market, our suite of private market certificates will open doors for career advancement and benefit end clients. Looking ahead, CFA Institute plans to introduce an additional private markets certificate next year, providing learners with access to advanced-level private equity modelling,” Fernand said.  

For more details, please visit the Private Equity Certificate page here

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