Investing in the futures of young people: three investment management firms unite for a very good cause

by | Jun 17, 2021

Three leading UK investment management firms, Standard Life Aberdeen, Baillie Gifford and Stewart Investors have collaborated with the charity Future Asset and the not-for-profit organisation Breaking Through Careers to present an investment management podcast series.

This new podcast is a way to appeal directly to young people from all backgrounds, and aims to break down industry jargon, debunk myths and tackle stereotypes. They do this by providing first-hand practical information but in a fun and accessible manner. Each episode, the podcast hosts are joined by a secondary school pupil who asks the questions that many young people are curious to know the answers to.

Breaking Through Careers is a not-for-profit initiative that aims to provide young people with a fun and engaging career selection toolkit. It aims to illuminate, inform and inspire using a wide range of resources that cater for various learning styles and social backgrounds.

Gillian Chivinge, CEO, Breaking Through Careers (pictured), said:

“Today we are excited to support our partners as they launch this new initiative which provides young people with a unique learning resource. We hope this will be the first in a long list of mini-series designed to help young people.”

Helen Bradley, Programme Manager, Future Asset, said:

“At Future Asset, we believe that being female should never be seen as a barrier to progressing in the career you choose. Today we’re delighted to launch this series, designed to encourage even more girls to look at the world of investment management so that they can see that this can be a personally rewarding world to explore.”

The Partnering Firms

Lynne Connolly, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Standard Life Aberdeen, said:

“Standard Life Aberdeen recognises the importance of being at the forefront of transformation within the investment management industry and this starts with ensuring our industry is accessible and better understood by young people. We’re committed to creating and fostering inclusive workspaces, where talented young people can join and have a great career in investment management. That’s why partnering with Future Asset and Breaking Through Careers is so important to help break down barriers. This investment management series helps to share the many career routes open to young people joining our industry and hopefully encourage them to bring their different perspectives, experiences and creativity into our industry.”

Kirsty Gibson, Investment Manager, Baillie Gifford, said:

“I want girls to know that working in investment can be a job that really gets you out of bed in the morning. It’s exciting, varied, and a great career for anyone who is curious about the world. One day I’m talking to the boss of a social media giant or the founder of a company making flying taxis, the next it’s a company on a mission to find a cure for cancer. It’s never boring.

“Having attended local schools in Aberdeenshire, I know it’s not always obvious or easy for young people to go down this route but there is now support and information out there if you need it. And you don’t have to study finance and economics or attend a fancy school and university. Our investment team is full of people with a positive attitude, determination, a variety of interests and different backgrounds. Those attributes are more important for investing.”


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