Jupiter Green’s Jon Wallace comments on today’s Energy Security Strategy paper

by | Apr 7, 2022

Following on from the UK Government’s Energy Strategy announcement today, Jon Wallace, Fund Manager, Jupiter Green Investment Trust, comments:

“Whilst the supply side (i.e. where we get our energy from) details will likely dominate the headlines – especially with regards to nuclear power and offshore wind – we are encouraged to see the demand side (i.e. using less of it) back on the government agenda as energy efficiency improvements form a significant part of how we can address the energy ‘trilemma’ of affordability, security and sustainability.

“Over the longer term, the ambition to produce 50 gigawatts of energy from offshore wind (which would be enough to power every home in the UK according to BEIS and address all three components of the energy trilemma) is a realistic goal and a reminder of what is achievable when innovation is scaled up. This target would have been unthinkable to many just a few years ago and demonstrates how crucial it remains to continue investing and innovating in both the demand and supply side of the energy equation. For Jupiter Green IT, we invest in the near and longer-term solutions across both sides of this challenge.”

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