Liontrust suspends Russia Fund in the light of Ukraine invasion

by | Feb 28, 2022

Liontrust has announced today that it has decided to suspend dealing in the Liontrust Russia Fund. This means investors are not able to make purchases or redemptions in the Fund until further notice.  In a statement released this afternoon, the group said:

“We have not taken this action lightly but in this case we believe this is in the best interests of all investors given the events of the past few days and comes after discussions with the Fund’s Depositary. These events include today’s closure of the Moscow Stock Exchange and the temporary ban on foreign investors selling local Russian securities.”

At the moment, Liontrust is unable to say how long the Fund will be suspended for. Liontrust will keep the suspension of the Russia Fund under continual review given it is such a rapidly changing situation and we will update investors as soon as we can.

Liontrust also confirmed that the suspension of their Russia Fund will not have any impact on any other Liontrust funds.

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