MGIM Announces Strategic Partnership to Develop AI Capabilities

by | Nov 3, 2022

Momentum Global Investment Management (MGIM) has appointed MDOTM Ltd., the global provider of AI-driven investment solutions, as a strategic partner to help it develop AI driven investment insights and triggers that can be integrated into and enhance MGIM’s well established outcomes-based investment process.

The focus of the partnership will be to develop AI enabled multi asset investment insights, built around MGIM’s outcomes-based investment philosophy, to assist and support portfolio manager decisions. The partnership will be developed as a strong collaboration between the expertise of the investment team at MGIM and the AI specialists of MDOTM Ltd, made up of physicists, data scientists and engineers as well as finance professionals.

The AI technology will provide asset allocation insights by analysing millions of data points and identifying new, differentiated information. By being incorporated in the existing investment process, it will help to compensate for natural human biases without losing the human expertise and touch that cannot be replicated by algorithms alone.

AI has the ability to analyse and provide highly adaptive forecasts on asset classes’ risks and returns, considering a multitude of variables in the environment, to a much larger extent than traditional human analysis can. MGIM believes that AI enabled insights will support portfolio managers in building more resilient portfolios.  MGIM will leverage MDOTM Ltd’s predictive indicators to enhance the strategic and tactical asset allocation choices across its portfolio range and adapt them to potential shifts in market conditions.

Ferdi van Heerden, CEO of MGIM said: “The strategic partnership with MDOTM Ltd is a key step forward for MGIM on our digitalisation journey. The MDOTM and MGIM teams have aligned well, setting out to explore and challenge the status quo. With MDOTM Ltd’s experience and reputation in AI, we expect this partnership to further strengthen our investment process. This should help our portfolio managers to navigate an increasingly uncertain and volatile world more confidently, further assisting them in their asset allocation decisions. By integrating AI technology into our processes and decision making, it will allow us to gain additional unbiased insights that will complement our existing tools and processes.”

 Tommaso Migliore, CEO and Co-founder of MDOTM Ltd, commented: “MDOTM Ltd is excited about our partnership with MGIM, given their well-defined outcome-based investment philosophy and approach. With our investment AI expertise and MGIM’s global multi asset investment expertise, we will be able to provide AI enabled inputs and insights that will enhance the investment outcomes for clients. We are proud to be associated with MGIM and look forward to collectively developing AI investment capabilities with them to support and complement their investment teams and global asset allocation decisions.”

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