Podcast #35: How can Flagstone help maximise the return on your clients’ cash?

by | Mar 30, 2023

In an IFA Talk first, our podcast this week explores the benefits of cash deposit accounts.

With so many deposit account options available for your clients’ cash, it’s hard to know who to recommend – and tougher still to keep up with today’s rapidly-changing rates.

In this episode, Sue and Brandon talk to Mark Hicks from Flagstone – the UK’s leading cash deposit platform.

While we know our listeners are familiar with investment platforms, Flagstone offers something a little different and potentially equally valuable to help build your clients’ interest income and grow your business.

Discover how Flagstone gives you the perfect opportunity to quickly and easily distribute your clients’ wealth into multiple savings accounts for greater returns and protection.

To find out more about Flagstone and the services they offer, click here.

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About Mark Hicks

Mark’s vast experience in financial markets has been honed through sales and trading roles across leading investment companies.

For the past five years, Mark has led the expansion of Flagstone’s Banks team. He is also responsible for managing all existing bank partners, Flagstone’s strategy in acquiring new banks, and managing API partners such as Revolut and Chip.

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