Podcast #43: Advisers warn financial planning is getting harder: with HSBC Life’s Mark Lambert

by | Jun 6, 2023

There’s been some interesting new adviser research out today from HSBC Life (UK) Limited, carried out in association with consultancy Technical Connection.

It shows that more than two out of three advisers believe financial planning has become harder over the past five years as a result of tax changes combined with political & economic uncertainty – as well as market volatility.

The new report is called The Three Is of Investable Capital (which stands for Investment for capital growth, for income and for intergenerational transfer).

We thought it would be fascinating to delve into some of the detail of the report. And so, we’re very pleased that HSBC Life’s Head of Onshore Bond Distribution, Mark Lambert, is our guest on today’s IFA Talk podcast – the perfect person to tell us more about it. 

Tune in to the conversation between Mark and IFA Magazine’s Editor, Sue Whitbread below… 

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