Podcast #50 – Getting under the bonnet with added value benefits of protection policies and why they’re too important to ignore: with HSBC Life’s Mike Furniss

by | Jul 26, 2023

In this episode of IFA Talk, Sue and Brandon welcome HSBC Life’s Mike Furniss as they explore the valuable extra benefits of modern protection policies – and how it isn’t always just new policies that can enjoy these valuable benefits.  

Protection planning. It’s such an important part of the financial planning process yet doesn’t always get the attention it deserves from advisers. 

With protection policies becoming increasingly more sophisticated in terms of features such as Private GP appointments and a host of other benefits, advisers and paraplanners might not be up to date with exactly what services each product can offer for clients. There’s more good news too in that these additional benefits can apply to your clients’ existing policies as well as new ones.  

What sort of benefits are we talking about? 

Many of today’s plans include really attractive value-added benefits – such as second medical opinions, unlimited remote GP appointments, prescription services, physiotherapy, mental health support and an annual health MOT. But these extra benefits are only of use if you and your clients actually know about them! Of course, the benefits are all in addition to the policy providing essential support if and when a claim is needed.

Getting down to detail

On this week’s episode of IFA Talk, Sue and Brandon’s guest is Mike Furniss, Head of Protection Sales at HSBC Life.  HSBC life announced some interesting innovations in ‘value added benefits’ to their protection policies recently 

During today’s podcast conversation, Sue and Brandon chat to Mike to explore some of the details – and which apply to existing HSBC Life policies too – not just new ones. 

We’re pretty sure that advisers will be very interested to hear the details. We certainly were! 

Tune in to the conversation… 

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And there’s more…

If you enjoy our IFA Talk podcasts, here’s a reminder of a recent conversation we had with HSBC Life’s Mark Lambertdelving into research HSBC Life had done with Technical Connection about how and why advisers and planners feel their job is getting tougher.

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