Podcast #78: Is now the time for more defensive assets within an investment strategy? with Ninety One’s Jason Borbora-Sheen 

by | Apr 24, 2024

With the UK FTSE 100 hitting new highs this week and concerns about risks to the downside with many global markets especially the US, many investors are looking at more defensive positions – including Fixed Income – when it comes to their investment strategy and asset allocation decisions. Shortcode

Sure, there’s more than the usual dollop of uncertainty swashing around in 2024, what with elections, ‘sticky’ inflation, recessions, high interest rates, wars, geo-political issues, climate change etc. there are plenty of factors causing investment strategists a headache. 

In today’s podcast, Sue and Brandon thought it was the ideal time to talk about defensive assets and find out where there might be some decent investment opportunities for those looking to diversify their portfolios just now. 

This week’s guest– a friend of the podcast as this is his third time on IFA Talk – is Jason Borbora Sheen, Diversified Income Fund Portfolio manager at Ninety One. In this broad ranging conversation, Jason gives us his practical take on gilts, bond markets more broadly and non-traditional assets. 

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