Press comment: NVIDIA close to pantheon of $1trn companies, as it looks to dominate new era of tech

by | May 25, 2023

It has been revealed that Nvidia corporation, the American multinational technology based in Santa Clara California, is close to the pantheon of $1trn companies, and is looking to dominate a brand new era of technology in the sector. Ben Barringer, Equity Research Analyst at Quilter Cheviot, has shared thoughts and views on this new revelation below:

“NVIDIA, a prominent player in the tech industry, has made waves as its market valuation approached the trillion-dollar mark, with a whopping 25% surge in its stock price overnight. This growth has been spurred by NVIDIA’s positioning as the de facto standard in the generative AI landscape. The company’s robust portfolio, encompassing high-performance chips, advanced software, and rapid networking interconnects between GPUs, has given them a significant edge in this rapidly evolving sector.

The company’s recent financial reporting has exceeded expectations, but it’s the forward guidance that has led to the spike in share price – coming in at 55% ahead of expectations. The stellar performance has largely been driven by robust demand from Cloud infrastructure players Amazon, Microsoft and Google as well as internet companies like Facebook. Simultaneously, there’s a growing trend of enterprises seeking to undertake in-house generative AI projects, which is further boosting demand for NVIDIA’s offerings.

As we step into what might be considered a new era of computing, NVIDIA finds itself well-positioned to capture and capitalise on this emerging market. If we look at the historical trajectory, IBM dominated the mainframe era, Microsoft and Intel reigned supreme in the age of PCs, and Apple set the standard for smartphones, capturing a high percentage of era profitability. Now, as we find ourselves on the cusp of the generative AI era, NVIDIA stands in a prime position to take the reins.

This momentum has not been confined solely to NVIDIA. The positive ripple effect has also been felt by other industry players, with companies like TSMC, Micron and AMD who have also seen their share prices increase. This industry-wide uptick reinforces the overarching trend – the generative AI sector is growing at an unprecedented rate, and companies like NVIDIA are leading the charge into this arena.”


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