Ready for a positive view on property investment as a hedge against inflation? Check out the recording of our latest webinar

by | Jun 23, 2022


With all the gloomy economic news we are used to hearing today, here’s a refreshing opportunity for advisers and wealth managers to hear a particularly positive investment view.

And what type of investment might that be? It’s real estate – property investment. The subject was front and centre at IFA Magazine’s latest webinar, entitled Can property investment offer a hedge against inflation?‘ Based on this webinar discussion, which was attended live by a large audience of advisers and wealth managers – the answer to this question is a resounding ‘yes’. We’ve already had plenty of excellent feedback from the audience who clearly found the information to be of value.

But how? The webinar features an insightful and thought provoking conversation with Gravis Capital‘s Matthew Norris and George Nicolaou about the threats – and notably the considerable opportunities – facing property investors in today’s challenging markets.

It is clear that this new world we live in has provided clear opportunities for property investors like Matthew, who is Director of Real Estate Securities and the fund manager of the VT Gravis UK Listed Property Fund.

With UK inflation at a 40 year high and a hugely uncertain economic environment, investors are concerned not only about the implications of inflation and threat of recession but are also looking for solutions to mitigate the worst effects of these through diversification to asset allocation within investment portfolios.

Historically, real estate has been viewed as one asset class which can offer some protection during periods of rising inflation. In this conversation, we discuss how investing in property through REITs and focusing on some of the mega trends such as our ageing population, digitalisation, generation rent, and urbanisation, are presenting clear opportunities for growth – as well as income – investors.

Listen to the webinar recording to discover the answers to questions such as:

  • What areas of the real estate universe are currently offering good inflation protection – and how are they achieving that?
  • Where are the most attractive opportunities in REITs and mega trends?
  • What are the risks involved – including liquidity – and how can these be mitigated?
  • What are the biggest challenges currently facing property investors?

About Matthew Norris

Matthew is responsible for the oversight of the VT Gravis UK Listed Property Fund and the VT Gravis Digital Infrastructure Income Fund.

Matthew has more than two decades investment management experience and has a specialist focus on real estate securities. He served as an Executive Director of Grosvenor Europe where he was responsible for global real estate securities strategies. He joined Grosvenor following roles managing equity funds at Fulcrum Asset Management and Buttonwood Capital Partners. He also provides expert input to research projects run by EPRA, which focus on the importance of emergent real estate sectors.

Matthew graduated with a degree in Economics & Politics from the University of York. He is a CFA charterholder and holds the Investment Management Certificate.

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