Rugby World Cup – 15 fund managers to make a winning team

by | Aug 25, 2023

  • The Rugby World Cup starts on 8 September
  • A successful team – much like a successful investment portfolio – needs a diverse mix of talent
  • Investors must identify funds’ strengths to determine their portfolio positions
  • HL Senior Analyst Joseph Hill picks the fund managers fit for a first 15

Joseph Hill, Senior Investment Analyst, Hargreaves Lansdown

“With two weeks to go until the Rugby World Cup, the biggest talent in the game is getting ready to put their all their training and experience into practice – with the aim of coming out on top.  A successful rugby team requires 15 people at the top of their game, performing a distinct role, to pull together for glory. It is not a stretch to see the analogy for a successful investment portfolio. Diversification is key to profitability – and winning a tournament. You want different players that excel at different times and in different positions, some to provide ballast in uncertainty, others to add risk and drive. By diversifying across a range of asset classes, sectors, styles and geographies, you can help to maintain your balance during different market conditions.”

Head Coach Joseph Hill’s first 15 fund managers:

1PropMartin Lau FSSA Asia FocusA conservative investor at heart, Lau offers the pack some much needed stability to build from.
2HookerAlex Wright Fidelity Special SituationsA talented stock picker, you can rely on this manager to hit their line out targets. 
3PropAnthony Cross Liontrust UK GrowthA core contribution to this team from one of the architects of the economic advantage process
4Second rowSebastian Lyon Troy TrojanBoasting a strong record of capital preservation, you can rely on this veteran’s ability to avoid being driven backwards.
5Second rowCharlotte Yonge Troy Trojan EthicalWith a steely focus on achieving lower volatility than global stock markets, Yonge is calm and collected when others aren’t.
6FlankerStephen Snowden Artemis Corporate BondCompetitive, experienced and tenacious – all qualities a flanker needs to get the team on the front foot. 
7FlankerGrace Le Artemis Corporate BondWith an eye for the right bond, Le is always primed to turn over the next opportunity.
8Number 8Adrian Frost Artemis IncomeAfter seeing it all through a multi decade career, few are better placed to assess the risks & opportunities from behind the scrum.
9Scrum halfEva Sun Wai M&G Global Macro BondA rising star with energy and intelligence who’s been undaunted by stepping up early on. 
10Fly halfTom Slater Baillie Gifford AmericanA dose of exciting high growth potential to disrupt the opposition defence and ignite the backline.
11WingLloyd Harris Premier Miton Corporate Bond Monthly IncomeManaging a corporate bond fund with an 300-500% annual turnover rate, this manager won’t be shy in coming off his wing hunting for work.
12Inside centreNick Kirrage Schroder Global RecoveryA disciplined value investor through thick and thin, Kirrage won’t have a problem sticking to the crash ball running line.
13Outside centreJohanna Kyrklund Schroder Managed BalancedWith one of the sharpest multi asset minds in the industry, Kyrklund has an eye for a valuation gap, whichever market it might appear in.
14WingClaudia Calich M&G Emerging Markets BondEmerging markets expert Calich is used to dealing with the unexpected in pursuit of positive returns. 
15Full backJim Leaviss M&G Global Macro BondWell versed in surveying all corners of the bond market, you can rely on Leaviss to be positioned in the right place at the right time. 

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