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by | Jun 6, 2024

Schroder Investment Solutions offers a series of low-cost and risk mapped, global Multi-Asset funds and model portfolios. Our solutions range is designed to help you deliver a breadth of good value solutions that meet your clients’ investment needs.

We’re focused on delivering appropriate client investment outcomes by leveraging Schroders’ proven investment expertise, at a cost that can offer real value for money.

Delivering appropriate client outcomes is at the heart of everything we do. We’ve supported financial advisers for over a decade to help deliver the outcomes their clients are seeking, and we manage over £5.7 billion (as at 28.02.24) across our range of solutions.

Why Schroders for multi-asset solutions?

We’ve been managing Multi-Asset portfolios since 1947 and our research process harnesses our global team of 140+ specialists (as at April 2024).

When constructing Multi-Asset portfolios, we constantly review and refine our approach, using in-house proprietary tools to stress-test portfolios against different market and economic scenarios. That’s only one half of the equation though. The other is the human factor. We pride ourselves on having a culture of accountability that makes us stand out. Our team members discuss and debate every investment rigorously to build you a more robust portfolio.

Introducing the Schroder Global Multi-Asset Portfolios

The Schroder Global Multi-Asset Portfolios are actively-managed funds that adjust to a changing world, offering you the best of Schroders at just 22bps. The portfolios are fully diversified by asset class, geography, sector and investment styles. All benefit from active management in both their asset allocation and their stock selection.

The portfolios invest in Schroder funds (including some component funds which are unavailable in the retail marketplace), ETFs, and equity and bond futures.

Why choose the Schroder Global Multi-Asset Portfolios?

Active management at passive prices: we cap the Ongoing Charge Figure (OCF) at 0.22% (as at April 2024).

Dynamic: dynamic asset allocation combined with active stock selection to adapt to a changing world.

Best of Schroders: leveraging the resources of our Multi-Asset and economics teams and over 700 investment professionals.

Diversified: five global Multi-Asset funds, well diversified by asset class, geography, sector and style.

Service: we help you stay in control of client conversations with regular updates, webinars and a dedicated sales team.

The portfolios at a glance

There is a choice of five portfolios designed to meet your clients’ objectives and attitude to risk.

The best of Schroders

The portfolios draw on expertise from across the Schroders Group to meet client outcomes:

Multi-Asset team: a global team of 140+ Multi-Asset specialists, looking at markets from every angle.

Economics team: long-term market views informed by an Economics Team with a combined experience of over 75 years.

Global team: over 700 investment professionals across equities, fixed income and alternatives located around the globe.

The portfolios benefit from three stages of decision making

1. Strategic asset allocation: we design the strategic asset allocation for each portfolio according to its intended level of risk. We review these projections periodically and adjust our strategic asset allocations to reflect shifts in how we view the long-term risk and return characteristics of asset classes.

2. Dynamic asset allocation: we take a dynamic approach to adjusting the asset allocation of the portfolios relative to their long-term strategic positions. Each portfolio has enough flexibility to dynamically allocate assets to both take advantage of opportunities and also avoid risks presented by the markets.

3. Active stock selection: we combine both active and passive investment approaches to keep costs low whilst providing exposure to potential outperformance in less efficient markets. During an active approach, we have access to an outstanding range of Schroders’ funds, and for a passive approach, we typically use ETFs, equity and bond futures and currency forward contracts.

Risk mapped and independently accredited

The portfolios are mapped to a selection of risk profiling tools including Defaqto, Dynamic Planner and Synaptic and are available on over 18 platforms.

Source: Defaqto, Dynamic Planner and Scopic as at March 2024. The Cautious, Moderately Cautious and Balanced Portfolios have been awarded a 5 Diamond Defaqto rating while the Growth and Adventurous Portfolios have been awarded a 4 Diamond Defaqto rating. The Moderately Cautious Portfolio has been named a ‘Premium’ fund by Dynamic Planner.

Find out more

For further information on the Schroder Global Multi-Asset Portfolios, visit our website here or contact your usual Schroders’ representative.

Alternatively, call our Business Development Desk on 0207 658 3894 or email

Objective and risk considerations


The Funds aim to provide capital growth and income by investing in a diversified range of assets and markets worldwide with a target average annual volatility (a measure of how much each Fund’s returns may vary over a year) over a rolling five year period. This target volatility is fund specific and varies between 30% to 90%* of that of global stock markets (represented by the MSCI All Country World index), depending on the investment objective of each Fund.

*Please refer to the Prospectus for the individual risk profile volatility target

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Meet the fund managers

Philip Chandler CFA, Head of UK Multi-Asset

Phil joined Schroders in 2003 and is a co-manager of the Schroder Global Multi-Asset Portfolios and Head of UK Multi-Asset. He initially joined Schroders as a portfolio manager in the Fixed Income team and transferred to the Multi-Asset team in 2009. Phil is a CFA Charterholder and holds a Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford.

Tara Jameson CFA, Fund Manager, Multi-Asset Team

Tara joined Schroders in 2014 and is co-manager of the Schroder Global Multi-Asset Portfolios and manages investment portfolios on behalf of UK pension and wealth management clients. She is also Head of the Credit Research Group within Multi-Asset Investments. Tara is a CFA Charterholder and holds a degree in natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge.

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