Square Mile’s 3D Investing: New Certifications in July 2021

by | Aug 17, 2021

3D Investing, Square Mile’s subsidiary dedicated to providing independent evidence that funds meet their Responsible Investment claims, today confirms that two new AA Impact ratings, four A Impact ratings and four Certifications were awarded to funds in July.   

3D Fund Certifications are detailed analysis and audit of Responsible Investment funds to determine how strictly they adhere to 3D Investing’s governing philosophy of ‘doing good’, ‘avoiding harm’ and ‘leading change’. In addition, all holdings are scrutinised using objective date and critical analysis. The results of this research are delivered in a high quality, data rich report.

3D Impact ratings recognise certified funds which meet a minimum threshold for positive social and environmental impact based on a detailed analysis of their composition at an individual security level.  Most holdings must demonstrate a significant positive contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) via their core products and/or service, while negative contributions must be limited and leading change demonstrated through investee engagement.

3D Investing’s Fund Certifications and Impact ratings complement Square Mile’s Responsible ratings which are awarded to funds with a responsible outcome or target incorporated into their objectives or mandate.

Liontrust Sustainable Future suite of funds receives range of Impact ratings and certifications 

Liontrust has built a substantial Responsible Investment team, with an extensive range of funds. The team’s process is based on a common framework founded on key structural growth themes, embracing improvements in quality of life, improvements in resource efficiency and the building of a stable and prosperous economy. Although many of these themes have clear sustainability benefits, others are less tangible, especially in the prosperous economy theme. Nevertheless, the sustainability themes are evident, with a low exposure to ethical controversies. Furthermore, the manager is a strong advocate of Responsible Investment and has invested in a significant resource to implement a very credible sustainable investment process.

New AA Impact ratings 

Liontrust Sustainable Future Managed Growth fund 

This fund adopts a very flexible, tactical asset allocation policy and although it has the ability to invest in bonds as well as equities and cash, the emphasis is very much on equities.

Liontrust Sustainable Future Global Growth fund 

The Liontrust Sustainable Future Global Growth has also been awarded an AA Impact rating.  This Fund aims to deliver capital growth over the long term (5 years or more) using the Sustainable Future investment process to invest in companies globally. 

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