Study reveals North American alternative asset class fund managers are looking to Europe to broaden their investor base

by | May 21, 2024

North American fund managers are increasingly looking to raise funds in Europe as they seek to broaden their investor base, new research from Ocorian, a global leader in fund administration, capital markets, corporate, private client and regulatory services shows.

Ocorian’s study with private equity, private debt, real estate, venture capital and infrastructure fund management executives in the US and Canada responsible for $1.591 trillion assets under management found 83% already raise capital in Europe. More than a third (35%) of those who do not currently raise capital in Europe plan to start doing so within 12 to 24 months.

Around 61% say the growing recognition among North American fund managers of the benefits of broadening their investor base is among the top three reasons for increased capital raising in Europe over the next two years, while more than half (53%) say the high level of investment opportunities in North America are attracting European investors.

Ocorian’s research questioned fund managers on what would prevent increased capital raising in Europe and found 62% saying the cost of entry against market upside is one of the top three reasons that could hit capital raising, while 49% said problems recruiting people to lead capital raising in Europe is among their top three reasons. Other issues identified include the attractiveness of their strategy to European investors cited by 46% with 42% pointing to difficulties distributing cross-border and 40% challenges with choosing the right jurisdiction.

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